French Vocabulary Lessons

This site was originally developed to demonstrate a vocabulary course taught by CD-ROM. This is no longer on sale but the site is still available for students wishing to improve their French vocabulary.

interactive scenes   will teach you over 600 words of basic vocabulary with recordings in French (Internet Explorer only)
online lessons allow you to study and revise over 9,000 words of vocabulary -- and improve your English spelling at the same time!
vocabulary tests will show you how much progress you have made

The Courses

The courses are built around the British exam system (circa 1999) so if you are baffled by terms like ‘GCSE’ and ‘A Level’, you may want to read this quick guide to language learning in British Schools.

The Tests

These word lists were developed for teaching basic French vocabulary and the tests are designed to see how much of the wordPROF® vocabulary you have learnt. You can take the tests without working through the lessons first but, if a word or phrase has several translations, you will have to guess which one we have used.

The English

If you are from North America, you will soon realise that the English side of the vocabulary uses British spelling. Because the tests don't penalise you for spelling "mistakes" in English, you will earn a full mark for answers like "airplane" and "center" but not for "trunk" (= "boot") or "elevator" (="lift").

Until we have a localised site just look on it as a great opportunity to learn two foreign languages at the same time.


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* Interactive Scenes require Microsoft Internet Explorer
  French recordings work best when MP3s are played by Windows Media Player

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