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Scene Basics
Other Browsers
Starting a Scene
Activities (lesson types)

Scene basics

wordPROF®  Interactive Scenes will help you learn to recognise over 600 basic words and phrases of French vocabulary. There's no typing -- just click the object in the scene to show you have understood the French.

A message just above the scene always tells you what to do next. Usually you have to:

  • click the Next Word button to move onto the next word in the lesson
  • click the More Words button to see more words for the object you have clicked
  • or click in the scene to show that you have understood the French word being tested

French recordings are available for all the words featured in the scenes. These need an MP3 player such as Windows Media Player. To speed up the lessons, you can disable these sounds by clearing the checkbox.

Scenes are quite large graphics and can take several seconds to download if you are using a dial-up connection. Please be patient ...

Other Browsers

Sorry! wordPROF®  Interactive Scenes are only available for Internet Explorer.

Starting a Scene

Click the scenes link in the navigation menu. Thumbnails of all the scenes are displayed (sixteen in total).

Click the scene you want to study and wait for it to download.

Activities (lesson types)

Begin by selecting the study activity. Four different activities are available with the wordPROF®  Interactive Scenes:

  • New Words teaches you all the words and phrases in the scene. This activity is like a French to English  vocabulary lesson -- except that you click in the scene instead of typing the answer in English. You are shown a group of five 'new' words (not seen before in this lesson) and then retested on them. If you get a word wrong, you will see it again later in the lesson.
  • Listen plays the recorded sounds without displaying the French text. You have to listen carefully and click in the scene to show that you have understood. This activity works through all the words in the scene.
  • Read displays the French word or phrase under the scene and also plays the sound (if the box is ticked). Click in the scene to show that you have understood. This activity works through all the words in the scene.
  • Explore lets you click anywhere in the scene to find out what things are called in French. Some objects teach you two different words or a word and a phrase (for example "the swimmer" and "he is swimming"). When this happens, click the More Words button to see the next word for the object. 

If you change the activity after you have started a lesson (except for Explore), you are asked to confirm that you want to abandon the lesson.

The best way to use these activities is to work through all the New Words first and then come back the next day and try Read or Listen to see how many you can remember.


When you are being tested and you click in the scene, you will see|:

 \ if you are right
 X  if you are wrong 

All answers in scenes are right or wrong -- there are no near misses as there are in the lessons and tests.

Updated 25-Jul-2009   Copyright Brian Probert, 2000-2009  with scenes by Cleo Harrington